7 out of 8 keeps my son from raging

In the age of millennials, video games and internet are a lifeline for the kids.  It’s different, but when I was growing up, it was the same thing, Nintendo, playstation were different and my parents couldn’t understand how we could just sit there and play.  Times change and everyone has to understand that. Yesterday, my […]

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Everyone has their own sets of rules for their household.  I have mine as well.  I set these rules for the kids and made them simplistic so even the 7 year old can follow them.  Here they are: 1. No yelling. –  We don’t yell in my house.  After  15 years of hearing it, and […]

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My daughter’s thoughts

Today, my daughter, Lily,  who is 7 years old is going to help me write.  She’s always helpful and is just a great little girl.  So here we go.  I am going to write what she tells me and try to clean it up as I go. Lily has decided that we talk about her […]

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To YouTube or Not to YouTube

So I am at a crossroads.  One of my children wants a YouTube channel.  With everything they watch, it doesn’t surprise me.  Sitting with them and watching some of the people they watch, they could definitely do better and be significantly more enjoyable to watch. If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching some of […]

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Independence Day

Here I am. Sitting in my back yard, drinking iced sun tea, my trusted dog lying next to me sleeping, as I stare at the stars listening to absolute peace and quiet just a few hours after it sounded like a war with bombs going off all around. Right now, all you can hear is […]

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