Choice of Words

Well, I have learned when raising kids how they react to things is pretty important.  The wording you use is equally important as what your saying. There is very little that frustrates me as much as ignorant people who don’t know this.  Yes, ignorant : as in not educated that what they say about children […]

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What a great word.  Flabbergasted.  It sounds like a child’s board game.  Its meaning though: verb (used with object) to overcome with surprise and bewilderment;astound. accurately describes me feelings at yet another custody hearing for my children.  This time it wasn’t about who has them what nights, it was about time. To sum up the reason the ex and I […]

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I had to share

Well, I have had many people reach out to me over the last two months and tell me they can relate to everything or say thank you for various reasons.  I guess after a few thousand views, people start to see patterns that they themselves have seen in similar situations. This blog is going to […]

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The Legal System is broken?

Here I sit, thinking about different things. I was thinking and just realized something.  I have come to the conclusion, our legal system isn’t broken.  You hear a lot of people complain any time they have to go to court.  Whether it’s for traffic violations,  custody, jury duty or whatever the case is.  There is […]

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The Old Adage

It’s always a great day when I get to be with the kids.  It’s pretty epic actually.  The best part about it is listening to them. When anyone of them start talking, it’s just great to hear their point of view. what they are thinking, and how they rationalize things.  My youngest is the care free […]

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So today was the ex’s and I anniversary.  I kept seeing the date and couldn’t for the life of me place why I remember this day.  For fifteen years, this day meant something special to me.  It reminded me of who I married, why I married her and why I had been unconditionally faithful and […]

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Best for the children, How?

So, I have been busy.  Inventory in retail takes its toll.  If you have been through it, I’m sorry.  If you have not, Lucky you.  Either way,, the free time you may have had leading up to inventory slowly goes away. Anyway, I received a letter for a “Custody Modification Hearing”.  The ex, Jessica, apparently […]

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This is typical.  As promised, I said I would share what I encounter.  For those that are able to co parent, I hope you see that as a blessing. For those of you who have these type of responses from your ex, I understand the difficulties and challenges you face.  I have changed the names […]

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Everyone has their own sets of rules for their household.  I have mine as well.  I set these rules for the kids and made them simplistic so even the 7 year old can follow them.  Here they are: 1. No yelling. –  We don’t yell in my house.  After  15 years of hearing it, and […]

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