The Kids, The Chores and Go Croatia!!

I have never been so stunned as I was yesterday.  I shared the story of my son already.  He wasn’t the only one to surprise me.  I did leave out we watched France win and advance in the World Cup together.  That was a good game.  He is rooting for France, I am now rooting for Croatia.  Just for the record, he did pick France to win it all before the first game of the World Cup even kicked off.


The day started early when Rose, my oldest daughter asked me to hang out with her while my son and Lily slept.  She wanted to get donuts and then wanted me to hang out with her while she played Fortnite on the PC.  No special requests, just my time to hang out.  Done!  I thought the day was off to a great start.    She even helped my make lunch!!


Rose and I called grandma, who had another procedure for her pancreatic cancer, to wish her well and tell her we loved her.  Rose was super talkative all day and was an awesome bundle of joy.  Helpful, sweet and herself.

Then my little Lily woke up.  She wanted to hang with me.  I told her I had some chores to do and she wanted to help.  So here are me and Lily.  Doing the wash, doing the dishes,  making sun tea, making dinner (chicken, mashed potatoes, oranges, and monkey bread), mowing the lawn, and just chit chatting away while we work.


Lily wanted to go to the amusement park so we went for a bit while Rose rested and my son was content just hanging out with Rose.  So Lily and I went for a few rides and had a blast.  She didn’t have a care in the world and even was a hot dog and a clown statues best friend!!



She asked about grandma because we went and saw her the night before and Lily and I had hung out with grandma and grandpa for a while.  She made sure grandpa got a big hug when she left because he introduced her to cinnamon pecan swirls which she loved and quickly finished off their supply.  She had been reading with grandma that evening and grandma just sat there engaged, hanging on Lily’s every word.  You could tell Lily was loving it.

Then, to top it off, my son invited me into his world that evening.  It was just an amazing day.  My mom even called to say she was all good and everything went well!!

My children are always helpful after a little pouting or just…blah.  Yesterday though was the trifecta of awesome kids being amazing people and just being themselves.  Being helpful, kind, sweet and caring kids.  Usually, the first day I get them, their kind of like…blah.  Then things get better and better as they open up more and more for then next few days.  Then the cycle repeats.


Looking back on it, I have no idea how I fit everything in that we did throughout the day.  It was constant run, move, duck and cover.  However it worked, I am absolutely blessed and that is one thing I will never take for granted.  I love my children and I am not only proud, but I am lucky to be their dad.  I am not the perfect dad either, but I am still striving to get there.




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